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OutdoorXL offers test-snowboards, boards that have been used and ridden during a try out event to test the newest snowboards on the market or boards that come from the test-fleet of the snowboard companies. Our test snowboards are from the latest collections and are used for a few days at most during an event or ridden for a few days during the season.  

After a test event, we take over these snowboards, check them and perform maintenance on the boards.  The base is grinded, structured and waxed and the steel edges are sharpened. After that the boards are ready to be offered as test boards for competitive prices. Topsheets can have prints from the binding, but this does not affect the performance of the snowboard.

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Would you like more information about snowboards and their properties? Do you need some help making a choice? Then take a look at our ADVICE page. You can of course also come to the store in Barendrecht for tailor-made advice!